Important Message from Jay Cotsis

To all Players, Supporters, Members and Sponsors,

The Murrumbeena Football Netball Club committee has been in constant discussion with the League on which division the Men’s teams will play in Season 2022. The completely uneven, unequal and unfair draw (due to the many cancelled weekends of football) was not indicative of what we saw as substantial growth in our very young team. We have requested for many months now that we should remain in Division 2 (we started these talks before the season had even finished), and with many new signings already, a new and vibrant coaching panel and loads of belief, we know we could bounce back quickly.

We have over the years done everything to help grow the presence of the SFNL, and taken on any initiative the League has wanted to promote. We just asked for the opportunity to show where we are heading as a club, and have faith that we are worthy of being given the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunately the League has decided to do the opposite. We will be playing in Division 3 next season.
My initial response was outrage. Our requests were, quite frankly, ignored.

I then walked away, took some deep breaths, at which point I thought……let’s prove them wrong.
So from here on in, we are all about Murrumbeena. We will turn this negative into a positive, and we will use this as motivation. Everything we do will be with a positive mindset, and we will use the belief in each other to prove we are a force. We will show why we are one of the pillars that this league has been built upon.

I truly believe that with a strong Netball program, an improving Under 19’s team, an ever-growing Women’s team (or 2???) and a Men’s team that has already been bolstered with new and returning players, now is the time be a part of Murrumbeena.
We have the belief…… it’s up to you.

It’s all about Us. Go Beena!

Jay Cotsis